The decisions that you make regarding your loved one’s care impact every facet of your lives together. Right now, one of the biggest choices you may need to make is whether or not to send your loved one to a nursing facility or move forward with home care. Once you know that your loved one needs long-term or more intensive care, choosing to work with a home care agency provides you with freedoms that make life easier.

Provide Opportunities for More Independence

Many nursing homes provide a comprehensive list of services that don’t always allow for much individual freedom. For instance, a nursing home facility might not allow for kitchens in the residents’ rooms, which could hinder your loved one’s meal options. If your loved one can still do small tasks, such as preparing a simple meal, then choosing a home care agency in Philadelphia gives them a chance to keep their independence. 

See Your Loved One On Your Own Schedule

Nursing facilities require families to follow specific rules to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone who stays in the building. For instance, you might be required to only see your loved one within specified hours, which could conflict with your work schedule. Or, you might not like having to see your loved one with a roommate present or in a common area. Keeping your loved one home allows you to see them whenever you want, especially if you are able to live together.

Choose to Be Your Loved One’s Primary Caregiver

Many families prefer to stay as involved as possible in their loved one’s care. You might feel it’s best to cook meals together with your loved one or provide them with overnight care. Yet, you might also worry about having to manage your loved one’s care while also holding down a job. Working with a home care agency allows you to keep up with your responsibilities while still acting as your loved one’s primary caregiver. 

Create a Flexible Care Plan

You might enjoy cooking and sharing meals with your loved one, but you might detest having to do so much extra laundry. Or, your loved one might prefer to have a professional help them with bathing and dressing. Nursing facilities tend to offer families fewer opportunities to provide hands-on care, and you’re typically stuck with the staff that the company provides. With home care agencies, you can create a care plan that fits your loved one’s specific needs. You can also arrange for respite care for unexpected events, such as the need to travel or support when you are ill yourself.

Reach Out to a Home Health Care Agency

Are you still working on finding the right types of support for your loved one’s needs? Let our home care agency provide you and your family members with compassionate care. Contact us today to start preparing your loved one’s care plan.