Whether it’s for an aging parent, a spouse who needs special care, or for your future self, deciding between home care and assisted living facilities can feel quite emotional and daunting.

As much as you’d like to keep your loved ones or yourself at home where everything is more familiar, you might initially think that an assisted living facility is the more economical way to go — especially given that medical professional care today is quite costly. You would be surprised to learn that this isn’t necessarily always the case. Home care may be the better option when finances are a deciding factor for you and your loved ones.

The Price of Staying Home

According to Genworth Financial, the hourly median costs for home health aide services are $27, an amount that can go lower or higher depending on which state you live in. The monthly average for a forty-hour week costs $4,320. This amount decreases significantly depending on how many hours of home care per week you’ll be needing.

If you only need someone to drop in for a few hours each day to help with meal prep, assisting with medication and personal hygiene activities, or simple chores, the monthly expense can go much lower. A 20-hour week translates to roughly $2,160 or half the estimated monthly amount. It all boils down to how much home help you will initially need. Keep in mind that professional assistance also depends on your loved one’s current health status. Medical care may need to increase as the years go by, and this should be factored in when making your decision.

Assisted living communities, on the other hand, have an average median cost that falls at $4,500 per month. This does not include the upfront costs of moving in or the additional charges that come with unforeseen healthcare services that an individual may need over time.

Added Benefits of Home Care

Besides avoiding the stress of moving out of a house that they are already familiar with, senior citizens who opt to stay in their homes tend to stay physically and mentally healthier over time. Their independence is maintained while living at home like interacting with family members and the community. They will maintain the familiarity of being in their room and surroundings. This helps makes for a less stressful transition to the reality of aging.

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