Many physicians and family members today are relying on seniors to take advantage of the latest technology to keep them safe. Most people are familiar with medical alert devices that allow someone to quickly call for help if they experience an emergency, but these devices can also do so much more. Exploring the benefits of wearing a medical alert device gives you some important talking points to cover with your senior loved one.


 Prevent Long-Term Complications From Medical Events


A simple fall at home could turn into a life-threatening event when seniors live alone and might not be discovered lying on the floor for days. Although a home health aide in Philadelphia can check in on your loved one daily, having a medical alert device serves as a form of backup during times when your loved one is alone. The device can also help a senior get emergency care as soon as possible after a stroke, which can help to promote better outcomes for their recovery. 


Monitor Critical Health Data


Many medical devices come with additional features that are also useful for seniors. If your loved one lives with a chronic health condition, then you might want to look for one that can monitor their blood pressure or body temperature. Depending upon the type of device, you can have the data sent to you or a physician. Or, it might sound an alarm if a vital sign falls outside the normal range. Either way, you’ll want to weigh the need for simplicity with the ability to receive more information when choosing which type of device is best for your loved one. 


Provide Peace of Mind For Family Members


Whether you live in another state or just a few streets away, caring for a senior loved one often involves a great deal of anxiety. When your loved one wears a medical device, you can set it up to notify you if they experience a concerning event. For instance, you can have the device send you an alert if a door opens in your house, which is beneficial if you live with a senior who has dementia.


Give Seniors More Confidence and Independence


After working hard their whole life, seniors deserve to enjoy their retirement years to their fullest ability. Sadly, some seniors stop doing things such as gardening outside out of the fear that they could fall while they are home alone. While your loved one may still need in-home care services in Montgomery County, PA to help them run errands or manage their hygiene, wearing a medical device can help them feel less anxiety about stepping outside to check their mail or cook a meal when they are alone.


Take the Next Step to Keep Your Loved One Safe


Even the best medical alert device isn’t a substitute for one-on-one home health care. Could your loved one use some help with preparing healthy meals or managing their medication? Reach out to our home care agency today to connect with a compassionate and professional senior caregiver.