As your loved one ages, it’s important to promote a level of independence, while also maintaining safety. Thankfully, in-home care in Montgomery County, PA, and surrounding areas makes it possible for your aging loved one to stay in their own home safely with increased independence and autonomy. Read on to learn more about how at-home care promotes senior independence:


It’s Personalized


At-home care is customized to meet the needs of the individual. This means that your loved one will receive the level of assistance they require to maintain independence and safety, based solely on their needs and preferences. This service can include help with medications, meal preparation, medical appointments, and more. At-home care gives your loved one a sense of control over their situation, as they are treated as an individual and not just another patient. In addition, when compared to another setting where there are many patients and many caregivers, at-home care gives your loved one the benefit of an assigned person or caregiver, a person they can get to know and come to trust.


It Helps Maintain Dignity


Self-worth and dignity are immensely important to us all and we don’t suddenly stop caring about dignity when we age. Thankfully, at-home care for your loved one allows them the autonomy and dignity they deserve. This means if they need help getting cleaned up, they don’t have to ask you or another valued family member or friend, but instead allow the in-home caregiver to provide the needed service.


They Stay Safe


While living independently is the goal of many aging individuals, it isn’t always possible in terms of keeping them safe. At-home care, though, can bridge the gap between independence and full-time facility-based care. Caregivers will ensure that a home is modified to be a safe environment for your loved one. Also, they are present with your loved one, so they can get help in an emergency situation.


It’s a More Economical Choice


In addition to the fact that in-home care allows a level of independence that living in a facility will never reach, in-home care is also generally more affordable when compared to full-time institutional care. Consequently, choosing in-home care can allow a senior to save some of their income, continue to travel, and enjoy hobbies or other endeavors.


Provides Emotional Well-Being


Social isolation and loneliness are serious issues for the aging population. While spending more time with your loved one would be ideal, due to other family demands and responsibilities, this isn’t always possible, even in the most loving families. Thankfully, in-home caregiving can provide a level of companionship and social interaction that promotes emotional well-being in your loved one and prevents them from becoming too isolated.

Allows More Family Involvement


Being in a care facility takes a great part of the care of your loved one out of your hands. Conversely, at-home caregiving puts control back into the family’s hands and allows you to remain as involved as you would like in your loved one’s care. At-home care fosters a spirit of collaboration between caregivers, family members, and trusted friends to together provide the best care for your loved one.


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