Searching for in-home health care for yourself or a loved one can be challenging. Everything from the decision to hire home health care for the needs of your loved one can have an impact on your emotional and financial status. Many people have more questions after searching for a senior living facility than before they started the search.


Continue reading to learn more about the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about financing home health care in Levittown, PA:


What is Home Health Care? 


Hiring a home healthcare worker can provide you access to various health-related services in the comfort of your home. Home health care can help with everything from wound care, surgical recovery, patient and caregiver education, intravenous therapy, daily injections, and monitoring a severe illness or unstable health condition.


The ultimate goal for home health care may include the following:

  • Faster recovery
  • Feeling of independence
  • Being at home
  • Becoming self-sufficient


How Do I Know if My Loved One Needs Home Care?


As loved ones grow older or have a medical condition requiring additional assistance, it may be recommended they enter an assisted living facility. However, sometimes, that is not what family members want to do.


If you or your loved one needs additional medical-related care, it can strain your life, which is why home care might be required. Like an assisted living facility, home care provides high care, helping your loved one live the best life possible while receiving assistance for their limited mobility or daily life needs.


Your medical provider will recommend it if they believe you or your loved one could benefit from receiving home health care.


How Can I Pay for It? 


Having to pay for home health care can seem overwhelming. However, you can pay for the treatment and care of yourself or your loved one in various ways. Some options to help pay for home health care may include:


  • Self-pay from savings, salaries, retirement accounts, health savings accounts, real estate, Social Security benefits, etc.
  • Reverse mortgage on the home
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Private insurance
  • Life insurance policies
  • Veterans benefits
  • Medicaid
  • Non-profit organizations


Can I Get Financial Assistance?


Financial assistance is available to those who qualify and may include options such as third-party non-profits, Medicaid, and other state-sponsored financial assistance programs. Several states offer approved Home Care for Elderly programs, providing eligible seniors with the required in-home care.


Eligibility for financial assistance to pay for home health care varies by state. Most states require a specific income level or other financial qualifiers.


Does Long-Term Healthcare Insurance Cover Home Care?


Long-term healthcare insurance can help cover the costs associated with home health care. Coverage from this insurance policy may include assistance with daily activities, such as bathing, getting in and out of bed, and dressing. Long-term care insurance may also help cover home health care for those with a chronic medical condition, disorder, or disability.


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